20Jul 2024
Brilliant team! The phone operators and the movers provided an exceptional service experience. We were informed at each stage and could track the van's travel. I'd use them again without hesitation and recommend them to others.
Dana K.
10Jul 2024
Arriving punctually, the movers were friendly, warm, and efficient, making our move significantly less stressful. Highly recommended for removals.
Albert Q.
01Dec 2023
Excellent service from start to finish. The packers were superb and the movers showed extreme caution in transporting all of my belongings carefully.
Lia F.
18Jul 2023
I searched around and reached out to different companies for removal van hire quote. This firm gave me the best quote by far. They were just brilliant on the day too. I'm glad I hired them.
Nina Rangel
08May 2015
I have a lot of antiques, mostly left by my parents who are sadly no longer with us. When it came to moving I was exceptionally anxious about my valuable pieces which can't ever be replaced. I had already spoken to Moving Firm Battersea on the phone and they told me their professional moving teams have all the necessary packing equipment required to handle the most valuable antique furniture. They even said they had a money back guarantee which was impressive. They moved me for a great price and there wasn't so much as a scratch on any of my cherished items.
R. Mata
24Nov 2014
A cousin of mine is about to embark on a house move and asked me if I knew a reputable removals firm, which is when I jumped at the chance to recommend BatterseaRemovals! You took care of my house relocation a while back and I can safely say that your service was the most professional and helpful I have ever come across! Your movers are trustworthy and reliable and took care of absolutely everything so I all I had to do was pay the bill!
Bryce Gage
07Oct 2014
If you're looking to hire a removals van then I'd really recommend BatterseaRemovals. I used their van hire service not long ago and was blown away by their excellent customer service, their range of vehicles and the prices as well! I didn't have a huge amount to spend on my van and lots of other companies were simply out of my price range. Luckily I got all of the help that I needed from this company, and the van was just what I'd been looking for! A great service that I wholeheartedly recommend!
Nina Mast
18Sep 2014
When you run a thriving business like I do, you want to find professionals so your company can be professional too. I regularly move employees to offices around the country but because no matter how much I splash the cash, I cannot find a good enough removals company, their moves tend to go terribly. Finally, after hours and hours of research, I found BatterseaRemovals. I sent them an email and they got back to me within minutes. From then on, they have continued to impress me and I now use them on a regular basis.
I. Rojas
13Aug 2014
Such a superb service. The first thing I want from a removal company is honesty and that means not paying anything extra as well as getting the service I paid for in the first place. That's what I got from BatterseaRemovals. The removal men looked smart and they were hard-working which resulted in the removal taking less time than expected. The communication beforehand with the head office was regular and helpful. I'm trying to think of a possible negative but I can't. I think that says it all about how good this company is. Would use again without hesitation.
Deisy Sun
07Jul 2014
Given the sheer amount of stuff that we needed to get moved, I was staggered at how easily the recent international removal went! I have not used an international removals company before, but I imagined that it would be a lot of work, and stress! However, BatterseaRemovals made things really easy in the long run and I was really happy with how everything went ahead. They had no qualms about ensuring that the whole thing was run through with us a couple of times before we put it in to action, and that was a massive relief.
Aldo F.
26Jun 2014
Moving house is such a daft hassle. It should be easier. I decided that I wasn't going to mess around this time and as such I took it upon myself to try and track down some companies who could make it easier. The best ones I found were BatterseaRemovals. In particular, I would like to draw attention to their packing services which managed to do a great deal of the really complicated and time consuming work. Once they had packed everything, it was just a simple matter of moving it all to the new home. Very simple, great service.
Niya Wendt
11Jun 2014
The team who served me were simply superb - so superb they've only just left, and the first thing I'm doing is writing a review for them on here. They were all very friendly, and very accommodating - especially when it came to moving my grandma and all of her possessions with us. She gets very funny and protective over her stuff so their help and patience in this regard was absolutely vital! Everything reached its destination without a scratch or nick, and it was very, very reasonably priced! Don't want to move ever again but if I had to I would use them.
Tanner Davis
13May 2014
Strictly speaking, I don't usually use the recommendations of friends because they tend to be no better than what I can find myself. But when I called BatterseaRemovals I was impressed as soon as they answered the phone. Their customer service was excellent and the ladies on the telephone were so professional and helpful. I made my mind up there and then that this would be the company I use for my move. They were great on moving day too. No delays. The guys just got straight on with it. They did most of the loading and unloading. Great company!
Elisha Ashby
28Jan 2014
Not sure whether they would be able to assist me, as I only had a few boxes; a sofa and bed to move, I contacted BatterseaRemovals. By the time I hung up the telephone, a few minutes later, they had booked the perfect moving solution for my move. Not only was it the easiest appointment I have ever set up in my life, but their quoted price was so low I didn't need to go the whole hog of contacting the other companies on my list. The proficient way in which my enquiry was dealt with makes me confident that my moving day will be absolutely perfect in every way.
Sidney Rowe